Custom BrewCuff™

Custom BrewCuff™

from 22.00

*1" and 1.5" Back ordered - ship date 12/16*

Have a favorite beverage? Place your custom order BrewCuff here! Please let us know in your order which can you would like and we will work with you to create a one-of-kind piece! Email with any questions! Cheers!

As with all of our pieces, this cuff has been individually hand sculpted from rescued aluminum cans.

Our philosophy in every creation is to respect the environment and the fundamental principles of eco-design: reduce, reuse, recycle. Every piece has a history, a starting point. Each piece is individual with a unique past, present and a future story of its own. 

Due to the unique nature of our handmade sustainable jewelry line, materials and color choices may vary slightly from our product images. If you have any questions or special requests please state so in your order. 

“Our hope and dream is that our pieces can make simple changes in one’s life, and help them move towards a more sustainable lifestyle ”

- Zulay & Stephanie Smith”

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