New Belgium Project

This past spring we were asked to create custom up-cycled aluminum cuffs for New Belgium’s Shift Pale Lager and Ranger IPA to be sold at their two brewery locations in Fort Collins, Colorado. Needless to say, we were super excited for this opportunity. Not only were we able to sip on a few great brews while in production but the packaging design that we created specially for New Belgium turned out to be a long term solution for our future products.

We had yet to create a package for our up-cycled aluminum cuffs until this opportunity came about (all of our other pieces fit perfectly in our handmade magazine bags). We needed to find a way to create a visual appealing package as well as something that would protect our cuffs and make it through the shipping process unharmed.

After many long hours and mock-ups, we discovered that the bottom of two water bottles fit perfectly together as a container for our cuffs. Not only is the customer able to see through the clear plastic at the product but we are also able to stay consistent with our eco brand all the way from product design to packaging.

Be sure to give these great brews a taste (if you haven't already).


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