Redress Raleigh Eco-Fashion Show

We had the honor of participating for the 2nd time in the 2013 Redress Raleigh Eco-Fashion show perfectly organized by the girls who started local eco-conscious movement: Mor Aframian, Beth Stewart, and Jamie Powell.

Redress Raleigh is a local eco-fashion company with a lofty goal - to be a catalyst for change within the mainstream fashion and textiles industry, making it more environmentally and socially aware.
— Redress Raleigh

We focused our designs on the idea of impact. Highlighting that every choice we make has an impact in some way, shape or form. We brought the viewer back down to the basics utilizing flashes of statistics on our daily impact from each material we use (specifically: plastics, paper, aluminum cans, aluminum samples, cork).

Check out the site below for more information about Redress Raleigh and ways to participate in this great forward thinking!